Monday, September 19, 2011

When You're Old... in, thirty-nine and pregnant, you...

experience knee pain during the first month vs. the eighth 

you were tired and couldn't stay awake past 10 p.m. before pregnancy

you were already wearing loose fitting clothing

not dying your hair while pregnant is not an option

having your coffee and wine ripped from your middle-aged fingertips is just sad and painful

you know that bigger boobs are overrated and simply in the way--
of everything 

you stopped wearing high heels five years ago

you wake up early before the baby is even born because old people always wake up early

you had heartburn prior to pregnancy

tying your shoes hurt your back before you were pregnant

the maternity bathing suit is the best thing that's ever happened to you

and even though you're nauseous, exhausted, awkward, large, moody, in pain, hugely limited and sleepless, you appreciate every second of the fact that your body is growing a tiny person. because you've seen and experienced enough to know that the healthiest people get sick and sometimes die; that perfectly young people have trouble conceiving or delivering; that finding a solid relationship with someone who will love you back for as long as they can feels impossible until you find it; that even people who love each other to pieces sometimes stop loving each other

i'm a late bloomer. sometimes i wish i was thirty two and doing this. but i'm grateful for every brutal and beautiful second of what i am able to do. because it could be gone, over or changed in a heartbeat.

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Susanna said...

It's so true. Everything is how you look at it. You could either be grateful that you have what you have or disappointed that you don't have more or something else. Great post.

Emma said...

Love this post. Makes my Monday much more smiley :)

Alison said...

Some young people have a hard time conceiving and some older people either do or don't. You can't listen to the statistics. everyone is different. Congratulations!

Hannah said...

It's all in the genes.

Dahlia said...

I'm 42, have a two year-old and have been trying to conceive for over a year. My doctor says my ovaries are aged and that it's not likely to happen. So now we're thinking of adopting. So glad to hear that you're not taking your luck for granted.

Alice B. said...

I also had no trouble getting pregnant around your age. And I have a perfectly healthy, smart toddler to prove it. I do wonder if chasing him around would be less exhausting if I were younger though :)

Joanna M. said...

My mom had me when she was around your age. She says sort of the same thing. She thinks she was happier and appreciated it more because she was older and wiser then. Makes a lot of sense.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wish I'd waited longer to have children and then I might've had more time to do the things I wanted to accomplish for myself. I love my children, but I think it's more overwhelming to be a mother when you haven't gone after your other dreams.

Charlotte said...

Great post.

And so true, Perspective is EVERYTHING.


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