Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's All In The Name

We have a gazillion ideas for girl names (why is thinking about names practically the best part of pregnancy, or even non-pregnancy?).

First and middle names we like (if it's a girl, we'd like to name her after Kadin's mom, whose name is "Alice"rine, and who also has the long-standing nickname "Lady"):

Indra Ivy
Loucette Lady
Camila Luce
Zadie Alice
Lucette Alice
Zola Lady

Just first names we like (but don't have a middle name for yet):


The one boy name we both like:
Luce Thomas Moses

Whaddya think? Honestly. You won't hurt my feelings.

Image via Observando
Image by Deborah Donenfeld via Momfilter

Image via Observando

Image by Yolanda Edwards via Momfilter


Alice B. said...

Such different names! I like Zadie and Odelia.

Susanna said...

I have to say that at first Lady as a middle name sounded crazy, but now I like it, specially since it has sentimental meaning. I also like Zadie, Indra and Willa.

Zoe said...

Such a fun post. I like Paola and Esme.

Anonymous said...

I like more traditional, simple names, but I'm sure your little one will wear whatever you choose well.

Miss A said...

I love Zadie but Paloma has my vote. All the Paloma I know are exceptionnal women!
Love that you're pregnant! Can't wait to read all about it!!!

Nancy said...

I love Camila Luce! The name Lady is so awesome! For the first names I am loving Paola, Paloma, Isola and Luz. <3!!!

Laura Mauk said...

@Nancy One of my friends, who also likes Luz, pointed out what a horrible combo "Luz Lady" would be...horrible/funny, right? Glad you like Lady :)

Laura Mauk said...

@MissA, I've always loved Paloma (makes me think of Picasso...thank you so much for being so excited--so sweet...

Cathy said...

I like the Isola and Luz.


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