Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Day Women Became Animals: Missoni for Target Introduction

It was as if vultures had descended upon Target stores everywhere. I never knew women could be so ruthless. I read online that one woman, whose basket was full, was stuffing items down her shirt so no one could get them. I saw a lady with two carts that were overflowing--she couldn't even push both of them. The line started at 7 a.m., and by 9:30 a.m., the racks were almost completely bare. It looked like the joint had been looted, or like the vultures were so starved they left nothing but perfectly cleaned bones. And supposedly, Missoni for Target is now being sold--in mass amounts--on eBay for quadruple the cost (at that price, why wouldn't you just buy M Missoni?). 

I ended up with a handful of scraps, but my little sister, who had been calling me all day, finally got through and told me she bought $800 worth of merchandise. And she just happened to go to Target before work, not knowing anything about the collection or when it became available. Luckily, she kept her sisters in mind and bought for all three of us! She rocks.

Here's some of what I ended up with:

Sissy got these in size 8.5 (I'm a size 9 after having Sabine...but maybe I can squeeze into them?)

I found these girls' leggings in a size XL, which fit surprisingly well (although my legs are twice the size of this little muffin's).

For Sabine.

Also, for tiny monster

 Sissy got this and I am so excited I could cry.

I got a pair of funky black tights, which, in retrospect, look like a million other pairs of tights.

Sister got a bunch of these. Cute.

I bought a handful of these--but the only ones left were a black-and-white floral print.

The tray on the far right is super cool in person. Can't wait to use it.

 Sister got a few blankets--the smaller ones, though. Still excited.

And I got this for the unborn monster. If it's a boy, he might just wear it anyway.

*My sister said she also got a bunch of glasses and cups, but I won't see her until Sunday, so I'm not sure which ones.  I can't wait to feast my eyeballs. 
**And lastly, we probably won't keep everything since sister admittedly became drunk with basket-filling just like everyone else. So sometime next week, I will post some stuff in case anyone is interested.

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Nancy said...

I looove the flats and the make up bags and the quilt and the plates and hat and mitten!!!!!! I should have gone to Target yesterday but nooooo! I decided to that I need to go to work on time for once! What the hell was I thinking! But in retrospect, if I saw the craziness, I probably would have just left. I have no patience for these things anymore.


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