Friday, September 9, 2011

The Other Side of Johnny Cash

I love Johnny Cash. And I love seeing these super personal photographs that depict him so differently than others I've seen. When I discovered these images--which let you see him as a father, a husband and a total kook--on the T Magazine website, it made me think about my posts and the things I've been mulling over this week.

On Tuesday, I showed images from Sabine's second birthday celebration, when I'm pretty sure I indulged in much more cake than she did. But besides the cake, watching little monster beam uncontrollably on her happy day made the occasion almost more fun for me than it was for her--see image number three of Mr. Cash looking like a little kid as he inhales cake sans utensil.

Wednesday, I wrote about working moms vs. those who stay home--see the first Mr. Cash's world, every day was take your kid to work day.

And Thursday, I wrote about how once you're married, things might appear less glamorous or shiny, but they're really not at all--see image number two, a letter Johnny wrote to his wife June, telling her that perhaps their life is less fiery now that they're not onstage, but that a ring of fire still burns around her (you know he wrote that song about June, right?). So romantic.

“Neither of my parents ever threw anything away,” says John Carter Cash, the only son of Johnny Cash and June Carter. So, by his parents’ death in 2003, the family vault brimmed with photos and scattered ephemera. John Carter spent years cataloging everything, and the result is “House of Cash” (Insight Editions, $40), a deeply personal, often surprising scrapbook of his home here for the entire story by T Magazine

Happy Friday...hope you have a fiery weekend filled with sweet things...

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Alice B. said...

Aah! These photos are amazing! I love Johnny Cash, too.


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