Thursday, September 29, 2011

About A Boy

My sister's best friend is a clairvoyant of sorts. A few days after my mom died, she went into her bedroom and said she saw tiny white lights everywhere and especially all around my sisters and I. She knew the genders of all three of my other sister's children before the doctor did, and was also right about Sabine being a girl.

When my sister told her I was pregnant, she said I was having a boy. For some reason, I'm pretty sure she's right. I've no idea why. I just have a feeling. But I don't know. I really wish I did. I want to be one of those witchy-poo/sixth sense people so that I can feel, see or talk to my mom.

Do you believe in that stuff or do you think people/clairvoyants just get lucky and make good guesses?

If I am having a boy, I'm excited. Because he will be a serious momma's boy. And because I'm excited to know what it's like to parent a love a little guy as opposed to a little girl.

But I'm also a little sad. Because little boys grow up and get married and desert their moms for their girlfriends or wives. Besides, what if he marries a rotten egg of a woman? Then, I'll have to be nice to her and love her even if I think she stinks. Little girls often stay close to their mommas. They want their moms in the delivery room when they have a baby--not their mothers-in-law. They want advice, love and help from their own moms because that's what they know. My potential daughter-in-law would want this, too. And as a result, I would have to accept a more peripheral role.

Another upside is that Sabine is such a tiny monster that I think she would absolutely fall in love with a little brother. And also, since we're not all that into pink in this household, we could use much of the same baby stuff that we used for Sabine (pink is fine...just not everything pink...or Pepto Bismol pink...or why can't a baby girl wear blue, too?...I mean, blue's my favorite color...why assign gender a color?).

In any case, I've been driving Kadin insane with wondering about boy names. In addition to Luce, I like Emile and Jude. The mister refuses to comment before he knows the sex. He thinks I'm ridiculous. He might be right. Because I could be totally wrong about the boy hunch. It's not like my other hunches have ever been correct. But I like to hunch anyway.

PS: What's not fun is playing ring around the rosy when you're incredibly nauseous. I can't decide if the first few months of pregnancy--better known as Purgatory--are more brutal when you're caring for a two year-old or sitting behind a desk all day. I say that in addition to maternity leave, there should be pregnancy leave because this initial bun-in-the-oven stuff seriously sucks.

PPS: I decided that nighttime Haagen Dazs was the solution to my 24/7 nausea. I ate one of those mini cups and it seriously did the job--I instantly felt better. But this is bad. Very bad. Haagen Dazs is NOT the answer. It can't be. Because that would mean a really fat pregnant ass and I'm not into carrying one of those around. I've enough to deal with.

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