Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Two Years Old

My crazy baby, right now you...

love to pretend you're a monster and growl

hold your finger to your lips and say "umm" when you're thinking 

dance when you hear any music, but adore freeze dance and the elmo slide

sing almost any song, but you love the alphabet song the most

hate to wear anything fitted and already insist on choosing your own clothes

demand to be changed out of your pj's the minute I lift you out of your crib

always sing along to music in the car and only like Feist's The Reminder

give endless hugs and kisses--but only to mama and dada

almost always have to be sitting or cuddling with mama while watching tv

are absolutely in love with dogs

are so fearless it's frightening

adeptly climb anything you can

close your eyes and walk backwards toward people you feel shy around

think you're six and much prefer playing with older boys or girls

jump constantly

will only wear red sneakers

ask for a popsicle every morning around nine without fail

close doors, push chairs into tables and always put trash into the bin

are in love with your dad in a way that makes my heart contract

carry your "purse" (it's really a lunch bag) everywhere you go

hate when I leave and light up like christmas when I walk through the door

beamed with joy when a room filled with people sang happy birthday to you

know all of your colors and can identify most letters of the alphabet

your favorite book is I Love You Stinky Face

said "beh ew, mama" when I sneezed while driving yesterday

hug anyone who is hurt or crying and say "sad" 

I think you're a superhero.
Image via Observando

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

I can't get enough of you, my wonderful child. I love you with every cell in my body. You're more than I ever dreamed.


Miss A said...

Oh my! Happy birthday beautiful and sassy Sabine! May the world be kind to you.
And happy birthgiving day to you Laura, so happy that two years ago you brought a beautiful brown princess into this world.

Tamara said...

WOW...LOVELY!! That's all!

Alice B. said...

Such a sweet, fun and beautiful post that Sabine will have forever.

Nancy said...


Susanna said...

I love this list so much. It's so warm and quirky and honest.


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