Monday, February 25, 2013

Friday, February 15, 2013

Sabine is Three

I will never forget the day you turned three, my beauty. You were filled with smiles and wonder. And I was bursting with sunshine insides watching you ride your first ride, get your face painted princess pink and eat a giant lollipop. I never much liked amusement parks until this day, your third birthday.

The skies poured warm rain drops as we took silly family photos in a tiny booth; as you rode teacups and the carousel with dad; as you flew in a tiny air balloon and traversed rickety bridges and explored caves with mamma; as you drove race cars and flew airplanes all by yourself.

You opened your pink wooden princess castle and said, "Thanks, guys!". When we presented you with two more gifts, you said, "More?". (I know there will come a day when one present isn't enough. At least until you are old like me...when having a girl as beautiful as you is all the present you need.)

September 5, 2012, will always be the day I saw you glow with happiness at a series of firsts. You were thrilled and beaming at the spinning, the flying, the laughter, the sugar, the colors. I will never forget it.

You are three years old and you are my joy, Sabine. You make me so happy.


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