Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Talk Talk

Remember when I told you that one of my neighbors was horrified that her baby's nurse was Mexican?

I told my Mexican friend, who is also my neighbor, what she'd said. Mexican neighbor was angry and offended. Two days later Mexican friend burst into a diatribe about same sex couples and marriage and how wrong she thinks it is--even though her brother-in-law, who lives in the apartment across from hers, is decidedly gay.

A few days ago, another neighbor, who is a working mother, was talking about a different neighbor, a stay-at-home mom, and said, "She's bored." The working mother is one of the people who not long ago asked me, a stay-at-home mom, "What do you do all day?".

The working mom also commented one time about the Korean teenage boy, who lives with his parents in our building. She said, "I feel so sorry for him because (whispering) I think he's gay."

The stay-at-home mom mentioned to me a few months ago that she feels sorry for the working mother's small child, who is in full-time daycare.

And I can't tell you how often everyone in our building seems unintentionally or intentionally preoccupied with Sabine's skin color and the fact that I'm half of an interracial couple.

Really? Really? I think these people need to get out more--and see the world. It's a big place filled with all kinds of different people, who either don't have choices or make choices that work for them.

And I think I'm ready to live in a house--and seriously downsize my number of judge-y neighbors.

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Leslie said...

Wow, yeah, I'm surprised you are encountering people like that so often. And you live in LA too, not some small, sheltered town.
I'm just never around people who would dream of saying things like that. To the other extreme, actually; it seems that everyone around here (Oakland, Calif.) is afraid to say their opinion at all, for fear of offending someone.


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