Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lazy Bones

What happens when you let little miss "I hate my stroller" actually walk? She sits down every half block and says, "Is hot." Then, like a tiny crackhead, she begs for more fizzy and fluorescent Orangina, which is not on the toddler menu unless her dad is in charge. 

And it takes two days to get home instead of ten minutes.

A girl after my own heart.


Cary said...

From looking after my niece my experience is kids have two speeds glacial (usually employed when your walking them to pre-school) or super-sonic where they display a unbelievable turn of speed that leaves you lagging behind looking like a arithic tortoise.

Anonymous said...

Why I carry an Ergo in my stroller.

My 18 month old sits on the sidewalk once every ten feet.


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