Thursday, August 11, 2011

adidas Style

I'm absolutely in love with the new adidas advertisement. It displays the most fantastic message about being yourself, having individual style. It's inspiring to me specifically because I think, as a family, we are  learning more and more how to embrace our differences and feel comfortably and confidently cool with who we are as we move around our surroundings and standout from so many of the families around us.

Our house is home to many pairs of well-loved and well-worn adidas. Sabine's first shoes were a pair of blue Dragons. I got Kadin a pair of Stan Smiths for his first father's day. And both the mister and I still have our Originals (shell toes) from forever ago.

But here are the three pairs of adidas we're rockin' these days (green-and-white Samoas for me; pink-and-orchid Originals Samoa for Sabine and red-white-and-blue Sambas for Kadin):



"There's one in every crowd, yet no two are the same. They're authentics. One of a kinds. All shapes, all sizes, all unique. They're the ones that stand out. They're the ones that flow freely. And they're all united in Originality."

adidas, we love you. And thank you.

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