Friday, August 12, 2011

Armed and Totally Not Dangerous

Okay you guys, if you read other blogs or trendy fashion stuff, you know right now it's all about the arm party. If you're sporting an arm party, you're piling on bracelets, bangles and rings. There's no such thing as too much--and the more color the better.

I took a picture of my own arm, which prefers more of a small get together than a huge, crowded and impersonal party.

Each aspect of my arm soiree has sentimental value because that's just the way I happen to like it:

  • The jade-and-gold bangle was my late grandmother's on my father's side.
  • I purchased the turquoise beaded bracelet on an unforgettable Hawaii trip, when I wrote a travel story on Hana Maui.
  • The gold Gucci watch was my mom's--a gift from my father.
  • The beige and turquoise beads tied with black rope was a necklace that my mother made for my father while they were dating.
  • The jade ring was also my late grandmother's.
  • The gold band, from Niessing, is my wedding band (Kadin has the same design).
Sabine loves my arm party. She likes to take each piece off, pile them onto her own arms and prance around the apartment.

Kadin loves the arm party much less. I always forget to take it off at night, when it jingles, jangles and causes him to toss and turn and inevitably wake.

Here are a few other super fun arm parties:

Image via Desire Designer via Atlantic-Pacific
Image via The Man Repeller

Image via HonestlyWTF

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