Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy Almost Birthday

Sabine's second birthday is just over two weeks away. Here are some photographs from her very first birthday celebration, when she tried to go swimming in her cake with her mouth wide open.

Two is exciting because she understands birthdays a bit better now. She adores giving people presents. I'm sure she will fall in love with being given them, too--tearing off brightly colored paper and ribbon and discovering a special boxed surprise just for her.

And I cannot wait to see how she dives into her cake this year.


Nancy said...

I LOVE the 3rd picture of you and Sabine. You look so happy.

Are you going to do a party for her 2nd bday? We did our first birthday in June and I NEVER want to have a party EVER again. I was so exhausted and stressed myself to death about the color theme. lame.

Laura Mauk said...

Nancy, I think I love you. That is exactly how I felt about Sabne's first party. So stressful...and then I felt like a freak for weeks because it seems like so many other moms thoroughly enjoy that crap. This year, there is absolutely, without a doubt, no party. Our extended family is devastated...ugh.


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