Friday, August 5, 2011

Growing Pains

I have a pimple the size of Canada wedged in that tiny crease under your nose, where your nostril meets the most upper portion of your upper lip. You know the place I'm talking about--the one that's impossible to get to with your fingertips, but is so centrally located that it looks like you grew a second, deformed little nose beneath the one you already have. My new second nose has a heartbeat for god's sake; it hurts so much it makes my eyes water.

More pubescent flashbacks are the last thing I need right now--I have way bigger fish to fry (see yesterday's post). And holy giant pimple, I'm 39--not twelve. Why couldn't this mound with a pulse have taken up residence on the facial real estate of some teenager?

Hopefully all of the past two days' secret-spilling; facing buried, dark stuff; sleeplessness; and fighting off evil little fockers will, in the end, land me in a freer, stronger, more brilliant place. But for now, this evil pimple is the rotten icing on my poop cake.

Tomorrow begins the weekend...I hope yours is smooth and clear.

Image via Observando

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Miss A said...

Funny! I'm totally breaking out like a teenage girl. My chin is not nice, and it's weird because I was that lucky teen with perfect skin (though I did have cases of severe ecxema, but it was mostly on my arms so it never bothered me.
Haaa our youth isn't over, thankfully!


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