Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kourtney Kardashian Style

I want this dress. What? I live in L.A.--I can wear it into the fall if I want to...with the right cardigan and a pair of vintage-style brown booties. 

P.S. I think she's by far the most stylish Kardashian.

Image via Celebrity Fashionista


Nancy said...

I agree! Her sisters all dress like they are from the 80' a bad way of course.

Laura Mauk said...

Nancy, you are so right about their eighties sensibility. Did you see pics from kim's wedding? I thought it was so super cheesy.

Nancy said...

Yeah, Kim's wedding was ridiculous! (I love being judgemental with celebrities) That forehead jewelry thingamabob she was wearing was super tacky.


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