Tuesday, August 2, 2011

She Said. She Liked. The Ocean.

We're back from our Malibu camping trip. Sabine is officially in love with the ocean. And Kadin finally met a beach he likes (being from the Caribbean, the mister is a total beach snob). I've always been partial to the Pacific--despite its murkiness, coolness and abundant seaweed. It's like a family member I've grown up with; I'm in love, tar on the bottom of my feet and all.

We watched a pair of dolphins swim just past the waves. Sabine climbed a piece of driftwood that looked like ginger root. We built sand castles and got all salty wet. We met a dog named Okay, who Sabine fell in love with. We watched the sun fall behind jagged rocks as headlights zoomed along the iconic Pacific Coast Highway and the sky turned orange, pink, then purple. We grilled eggplant and steak for dinner and drank cheap wine under the stars. Then we fell asleep under a giant Sycamore tree, listening to what sounded like a hundred frogs jabbering to get a word in edgewise as they sat on the banks of the creek behind our tent. I can't wait to go back.

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Miss A said...

Oh wow! Beautiful spot. I love camping at the beach, only type of camping that I like. Baby Sabine looks so happy, I'm glad she likes the ocean. My love adventure with the beach and the oceans started when I was 10 months old, it matters so much.
I love this post and am glad you had such a good time. Only wish would be to see a pic of the three of you together (but who'd be holding the camera). Love your family!


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