Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rockin' Baby Slings

I've carried Sabine around in a Rockin' Baby Sling since she was a newborn. It is by far the best, most-used and favorite purchase I've ever made. It allows you to hold your baby and still drink your coffee, eat, drag suitcases through airports and push grocery carts because your hands are free from pushing a stroller or holding baby with your arms. Almost everywhere I go, someone asks me where I got my sling (I've even been stopped while on foot by people in passing cars). I love the Maya Wrap, too, but was taken with Rockin' Baby's elaborate fabric designs and the fact that for every Rockin' Baby sling that is purchased, they donate one to a mother in Haiti. (Also, babies don't get too hot in this sling like they do in some other baby carriers, and I never needed a tutorial or extra time to figure out how to strap it and baby to my body.)

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Baby Slings said...

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