Friday, June 17, 2011

Best in Show

Favorite finds from around the web this week:

The sweetest thing: a homemade cherry-blossom chandelier.

 The most perfect video for Father's Day.

Pretty in pink.

From Brazil With Love: Bebel Gilberto and Tropicalia.

A most beautiful bag with vibrant embroidery.

The best coffee is Cuban (and available at your local grocery for under $6).

Samuel L. Jackson + Go The F*ck to Sleep = a genius combination.

The Sartorialist: the most tender photographs just in time for dad's day.

Lilac + Sparkle = the coolest nail polish look.

An old GQ magazine article--Will You Be My Black Friend?--that is worth resurrecting for the purposes of this blog (also, it was published in November 2008, when Kadin and I got married).

Photograph by Plamen Petkov via GQ


Miss A said...

I loved the article in GQ. It made me feel very uneasy yet... It's very honest.
I do hope that when my friends look at me they don't see a color, however my best friend loves introducing me as his black jewish french friend raised in New York. Indeed I am.

Laura Mauk said...

@ Miss A, me, too! GQ article totally made me uncomfortable, but at same time was hilarious and honest and so well-intentioned and totally true in a way.


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