Friday, June 10, 2011

Indecent Confessions

Went on a walk today and brought Sabine's favorite food: corn on the cobb. Did not have time to wrap it in anything or bag it. Half way through the walk, when she started fussing, I pulled it out of my purse to pacify her. A stranger saw and said, "Did you just pull a corn on the cobb out of your purse?" Me, "Yeah, is that weird?"

I've been using my leftover breast pads as cleansing pads for my face (for those of you who don't know, you stick these in your bra to prevent any leakage if you're breastfeeding). Hey, they're unused! And really soft.

I went to retrieve Sabine from her crib the other morning and her onesie, footed pajamas were unzipped to her belly button and her diaper was stuffed into one leg of the pj's. How does a 1.5 year-old achieve this?

She woke up early from her nap and walked in on an activity that married people with small children rarely have time for. She wasn't crying until she saw us. I fear that I've traumatized her OR look really bad during said activity.

While writing this, Sabine was suspiciously quiet. I just found her in the bathroom with her arms, submerged to her elbows, in the toilet bowl, which SOMEONE (not me!) innocently forgot to flush. I guess she thought I needed a fifth anecdote.

Image from Observando

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Miss A said...

Love this post! Made me laugh a lot. My sister when 3 years old (I was 15 and babysitting her) painted the walls of our bathroom with her poop.
I had to clean it up... Ughhh!


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