Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New York State of Mind, A Visual Adventure

How I fell in love with New York:

The Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Guggenheim Museum
Photograph (1959) by Ezra Stoller via Architecture Week

Subway Stories
Photograph by Diego

 The Williamsburg Bridge

Photograph via Wikipedia

Photograph via This Recording


Photograph via Wikipedia

Photograph via Sandy Sutherland

The Lower East Side

Photograph by agi500

Katz's Deli

Photograph via Toasted Special

The Brooklyn Bridge

Photograph via hdtd

Double Happiness (closed)

Photograph via New York Magazine

Stinger Club, Brooklyn (closed)

Photograph by Runs with Scissors

Magnolia Bakery
Photograph via Recipe Link

Film Forum

Photograph via IMDB

Central Park

Photograph by Walter Bibikow
Photograph via Red Bubble
Image via Janet Ternoff


Empire State of Mind,  Alicia Keys & Jay Z


New York, New York,  Ryan Adams

1 comment:

Miss A said...

Great choice of pictures. I grew up two blocks away from the film forum, where my parents still live. I now live in Williamsburg. I felt that I was meant to be here. In Willliamsburg. I adore this part of New York. Take care.


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