Monday, July 25, 2011

Spoiler Alert

 Really? Really. Sabine is getting one of these--never. Cah-razy. But I'm wondering if perhaps we, as in our whole family, could live in one? Very affordable in terms of family housing. Well decorated, kitchen appliances, air conditioning...what more do we need? What more does a four year old need?
Megan Thompson Lovoi for The New York Times
Kristi and Sinclair Schiller's Houston Cape Cod is the same style as the main house.

APART from the open bar by the swimming pool, the main attraction at parties held at the Houston home of John Schiller, an oil company executive, and his wife, Kristi, a Playboy model turned blogger, is the $50,000 playhouse the couple had custom-built two years ago for their daughter, Sinclair, now 4. READ MORE

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Miss A said...

You and I read a lot of the same things. I should forward you the links to the most amazing dollhouses. Wait, I'll go fetch them:


Yes, I'm a little design nut sometimes and those doll houses and furnitures are mighty great!


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