Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ice Cream Cone High

In addition to making sure that dangerous things don't gobble up or destroy Sabine, the fun part of my job is to introduce her to life's most wondrous, never-to-be forgotten, feels-so-good-it-vibrates-under-your-skin-and-in-your-heart moments that will hopefully eclipse all of the uglier moments in life. Things like swimming in the ocean for the first time. Or climbing your first tree. Or eating cake for the first time on your first birthday. Or flying sky-high in a swing with the wind in your hair. Or twirling on a carousel or in the grass until the landscape is spinning. Or laughing so hard your head feels drunk with happiness. Or holding and eating an entire ice cream cone all by yourself for the very first time.

"I can't believe mama let me hold this all by myself. I'm never letting go."

"But more importantly, it is quite possibly the best thing I've ever tasted."

My stomach hurts a little. And my eyes are starting to roll to the back of my head, but I think I'll keep going.

"I really wish she would stop taking my picture and let me enjoy my damn ice cream cone."

Oh man, I finished it. I don't feel so good. But I will never, ever forget this moment.

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Miss A said...

Oh my GOD!!! Can she be any cuter. When I think of having babies, I think of having the prettiest brown girl and I think Sabine looks a lot like what I envisionned. And I think of having a blond baby boy. One of my blogger friend Mark has four kids, one of them is a blond blue eyes 5 year old looker (All of his kids are mixed). Oh she is soooo cute!


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