Monday, July 18, 2011

Latest Obsession

Sabine's latest fixation is Where The Wild Things Are. Which is incredibly appropriate since she is one of the spicier, saucier, wilder toddler babies I've ever laid eyes on. She loves monsters. She loves to roar as loudly as possible. I think she's a monster trapped inside a baby girl's body and we actually should've named her Max. 


Debra said...

My second daughter was a lot like your Sabine! She also LOVED that book. My advice is to find an activity that your daughter loves to do, the more physical, the better. It will keep you sane over the years and it will be a very positive way to direct her abundance of energy!


Laura Mauk said...

Debra, you are brilliant...thanks for the advice...hadn't thought of channeling her energy yet as I've been too busy trying to catch her lately.


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