Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Days of Summer

A guava margarita to match Sabine's top on a painfully hot, but happy, summer day. Confetti poppers  because they burst with sparkly, curly, colored paper and make the loudest, snappiest sound. Sabine falling in love with Copper, her auntie's teddy-bear-like Shih Tzu. Pink baubles to hold two deliciously curly pigtails.

Speaking of hair baubles, this photograph reminds me of a day not so long ago--then, Sabine sported hair elastics instead of baubles--when a Caucasian neighbor said that I should tie her hair "with those little ball thingies" because then she would be "culturally appropriate." Her words struck me because I always wore "those little ball thingies" growing up. And my African American neighbor, who was standing nearby during the conversation, commented that neither she nor her daughter have ever worn them.  

Mama and Sabine

Sabine's new best friend.

1 comment:

Miss A said...

Guava? Just about my favorite fruit ever... (along with bananas...) And I read this while eating a spoon of that amazing guava jam I brought back from Costa Rica! I like your style.


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