Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Good Ideas

I used to have tree branches for curtain rods. But I never thought to paint them white, which I think looks so clean, cool and fresh.

Image via Blue Velvet Chair via Canadian House and Home

We have books upon books that we've read and will probably never re-read. I say we get rid of most of them and do this with the remaining few.

Image via Blue Velvet Chair via Real Simple

Sabine would love this. I would, too. But how would I stop her from drawing all over every wall?

Image via BandWand LAO via Design*Sponge


Hillary said...

Just blackboard Paint the back of her bedroom door, it looks distinct from everything else but is so great and fun. So fun to writer special messages and hearts for them

Cassy said...

Gorgeous ideas! Thanks for sharing.


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