Friday, July 22, 2011

Real Delusional Housewives of New York

I'm sorry, but much like a train wreck, I couldn't stop myself from watching the season finale of Real Housewives of New York (a day late because apparently I can't stay up that late anymore). And I'm completely stupefied by their absolute lameness. It's as if they're parodies of themselves, except for the fact that they are totally, completely and sadly real (but for the plastic surgery and obviously scripted parts of the show).

Why, for the love of god, would Natalie Cole ever want to do a duet with LuAnn deLesseps?

Why is Jill such a nosy Rosy? Who cares if two women go to the bathroom together?

LuAnn, "steal" your "thunder"? You HAVE NO THUNDER. Your song is so bad it's bad.

For the record, Cindy and Sonja, you're both rude and wrong.

"When you're in your fifties, that's not pregnancy. It's menopause knocking at your door. Cluck cluck cluck."= hilarious.

LuAnn and her Frenchie boyfriend celebrating their boyfriend-girlfriend one-year anniversary? Um, I'm pretty sure THAT won't last much longer...

...DID YOU SEE the way he (Jacques) was devouring poor Natalie Cole, who was notably uncomfortable, with his French eyeballs? And LuAnn said, "He only had eyes for me." It's confirmed. She's officially delusional.

Does LuAnn really think she can sing? Her voice is painful. I'd break up with her for singing that song. Kim Zolciak is a better singer than she is.

I like Alex even though those facial expressions she makes while she models hurt my eyeballs a little.

I don't understand Simon's pants. Or his bowtie. Or most things he wears.

She's NOT a countess.

Just saying...



Miss A said...

Watched it, and it's funny because I've only really just watched the New Jersey cast, so it was my second time watching the NY ones. They're... very silly and entertaining. It felt like going back to high school. Loved the pregnancy scare...

Leslie said...

Love this show!
And LuAnne is a horrible singer - why has no one told her that? And why DID Natalie Cole sing with her? There must have been some reason for that. Promoting her own comeback maybe? Weird.


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