Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday's Thirteen

So far, it's a cruel, cruel summer.

I've officially diagnosed myself with chronic fatigue syndrome.

Caylee Anthony's death makes me want to not blog at all and give every ounce of my everything to Sabine. I hope she suffered as little as possible.

Take My Soul. I Don't Need It Anymore.

Watching Sabine ride her little tricycle around our not-so-huge living room makes me want a house with a yard. Something modest will do.

R.I.P. Cy Twombly. Your work helped me see beauty in simplicity.

I think being famous would actually totally suck.

Happy birthday, Frida Kahlo. Your bravery makes it easier to be me.

I miss trains and subways. The overload of cars in L.A. makes life and people compartmentalized, isolated and visually boring, or, practically invisible.

E.B. White was a genius with an eye that was as beautiful as his mind.

I would absolutely die if my mother-in-law wrote a letter like this one.

Kadin, I love you like this..

Sabine, I love you like this.
Images via Observando

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Katherine said...

Really like this, L.


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