Thursday, July 28, 2011

Selma Blair Style

Selma Blair, who gave birth on Monday (and didn't name her son Superhero or Mango or Conductor, but Arthur), has beaucoup de jaw-dropping style. It was drool-worthy before she was pregnant, but I was particularly awestruck by how flawlessly insane she looked while sporting a baby bump.

Okay, let's just start with this. I mean, good for her, but I never looked like this in a bathing suit before I was pregnant, let alone while pregnant. What part of bloated, stretched, totally uncomfortable and morphed Moby Dick body doesn't she understand? Apparently, none of it.

Image via superficialdiva

 Ridiculously adorable in a Bohemian Rhapsody kind of way.

Image via santabanta

All three of these looks are simply perfect. And so are her boobs, her arms and her legs, apparently none of which have any idea that she's pregnant.

Image via stylelist

This would look like a muumuu on almost anyone else.

Image via zimbio

I mean, really? Who can go braless while pregnant? Those are teenager boobs, not almost forty and pregnant boobs.

Image via gossip.whyfame

I adore these ensembles because I love just black or white. See, some women wear black because it looks impeccably cool, not because they're trying to hide stuff. Lord knows Selma has nothing to hide.

Image via thefashioncult
*Disclaimer: Selma is paid to look perfect and probably does not enjoy food as much as the rest of us. And if she does, she's convinced herself otherwise.

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