Friday, May 6, 2011

Taco Thursday

Since yesterday was Cinco de Mayo, Kadin (husband) and I agreed we would have a six pack of Dos Equis with lime and tacos from the La Estrella taco truck in Highland Park for dinner (the best tacos you will ever eat in your entire life and every taco you eat after this will taste like Taco Bell). We've been super excited because we were addicted to the taco truck for awhile, but recently cut back (oh, you know, our guts were growing faster than Sabine was growing taller). The evening before Cinco de Mayo, Sabine came down with a fever and has been a limp biscuit for the last day and a half. So at about noon or so, I call Kadin at work and here's how (part of) the conversation went:

Me: My sister's car broke down so I don't know if she'll be able to hang out on Saturday. Might change our plans entirely. Just a heads up.

Kadin: Oh okay. How is Sabine doing? Is her fever gone?

Me: No, it's still the same. She's really hot and seems worse. She will only lie on top of me. Just wants to be carried. Hasn't eaten anything today. She just sits in my lap and cries every 10 minutes in complete misery. It's been a long day. And now I feel like crap. I think I'm getting it. It would totally suck if I'm getting it. Or if she's still sick on Saturday because then I can't hang out with my sister. Do you think I'm getting it?

Kadin: Does that mean we're not having tacos for dinner tonight?

Me: Yes, we are still having tacos. And I'm having LOTS of beer.

Images (top and bottom) from The Great Taco Hunt

Happy Friday...and happy almost mother's day...


Maddalena said...


Nancy said...

I love La Estrella Tacos, my favorite is the carnitas. Have you tried the taco stand on i think it's on 52nd/53rd and York? So F'ing delicious, I never cuss so yeah it's that good. There's a group of us that goes on taco stand/truck hops, you guys want to join us next time? :)

Laura Mauk said...

Haven't tried that's better than La Estrella? Cause I've tried many and always come back to La Estrella. Yeah, we would love to go taco joint hopping!


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