Friday, May 13, 2011

Naked in Nordstrom

Have you ever been standing in the dressing room of some shop or department store when a small child pops their head between the floor and the door or the wall and stares at you practically naked? I have. And I always hated it. No, it's not like he/she was thinking, "Oh, she looks bad in her underwear," but it still made me feel self conscious. Well, during a morning shopping trip today, Sabine did this and I felt horrible for the naked lady in the neighboring room. I told the little monster/peeping tom that people need their privacy. She actually listened to me and stopped visually harassing the poor woman. But then she opened the door to MY dressing room and ran down the fitting room hallway, where people were standing and waiting for rooms. She loves elevators and escalators and was running FAST in their direction. So instead of putting my clothes back on, I ran out in my underwear and snatched her up before she was gobbled up by any large, child-eating electronic device. Let's just say that it's now five o'clock and I have NOT recovered from being seen running through Nordstrom department store in my bra and underwear. And I don't think I ever will.

And yes, I totally look EXACTLY like this in my underwear.

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Tea Joeli said...

Lovely blog and pics:)


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