Monday, May 16, 2011

Ellen Pompeo on The View

Did you guys see Ellen Pompeo on The View last week? I didn't either. But I read about it all over the internet. In case you missed it, too, here it is:

Photo from
Ellen Pompeo, The View, May 12, 2011

Pompeo's appearance sparked a crazy amount of comments and stories on celebrity gossip websites. What do you think? I understand where both Ellen (who has a bi-racial child with her husband of color), and host Sherri Shepherd (an African American) were coming from. In essence, Ellen, either clearly or not so clearly, was trying to say that she wishes we could get to a place where skin color is not an issue. Sherri's point was that today, it is still an issue and that means there currently is a need for the NAACP and black colleges. Ellen's perspective is a hopeful one; Sherri's is a practical one.

I didn't love the way either woman delivered their respective points, but I did love the jumpsuit Ellen wore. So seventies fashionista chic, right?!

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