Monday, May 16, 2011

Drugstore Cowgirl II: Rimmel London

Blogger lost its mind last week. It was frozen in "read only" mode for two days. This meant the deletion of some posts and comments. One comment I received that was unfortunately lost in blog space, was on my Drugstore Cowgirl post from last week. The commenter, Maria, asked about Rimmel London products. Since I'm trying to make Drugstore Cowgirl a regular blog subject, I thought I'd answer her question using today's post.

Part of me loves Rimmel. Mostly because when I think about the company, I think about Kate Moss, their former spokesperson, who undoubtedly has the best style in the whole big fat world. And their new spokesperson, Zooey Deschanel, is ever so adorable, too. When it comes to this British beauty company, I think some of their products are great, but there are some that don't quite work for me.

The lip liners or pencils are good (I like Pure and Red Diva). They have more moisture and a wider pencil tip than most, so you can actually use them as a lipstick (I would suggest still using a base coat of lip balm). I also fell in love with their eye pencils (Sable). They are not chalky, nor do they smudge easily. And they feature a just-the-right-size blending sponge at the other end of the pencil. The blush is better than a few other drugstore brands I've tried and is the one I'm currently using on my own cheeks. I like the color choices of the lip gloss and the fact that they have an SPF. They're moist and not too gooey, but one kiss on a baby's cheek and you need to reapply that sucker.

I'm not in love with their mascara (I'm forever faithful to Maybelline New York) or their lipstick (it's a little watery or not thick enough for me so that it rubs off and smudges too easily). One thing I've discovered is that you should check the color of the actual makeup beneath the packaging, which is often quite different than what's inside. Oh and how I wish I could give their packaging a mini makeover (I love the crown logo but am not loving the club-y, 1980s iridescent purple of everything). Because as you may consciously or subconsciously know, packaging can make or break almost any purchase.

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Maria said...

This is very helpful. I'm going to give Rimmel a try because of your comments. Thanks so much Laura!


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