Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ramble On

My lips are so dry and crack-ly they hurt.

For the Super Bowl, Kadin made nachos in the crockpot that were the most delicious things that have ever touched these dry, crack-ly lips. However, I think I'm still digesting them.

Sabine has a wooden animal puzzle that makes different animal sounds--activated by light and/or motion--that makes a horse or a pig sound when I walk by, shaming me multiple times daily for letting too many Super Bowl nachos pass my dry, crack-ly lips.

Sabine woke at 6:30 this morning. Why? Why? When I saw her, I said, "Baby, you woke up too early!" She replied, "Soppy, mama. Good Morping!" (Sorry, mama. Good Morning! ) She then proceeded to climb into bed with us and not sleep some more.

I miss the weekend. Two people taking care of little Sabine and household business is so much easier and more fun than one.

Kadin bought me a seventy dollar pregnancy/body pillow that feels a lot like sleeping in a cloud. It's so huge that we now need a bigger bed to accommodate the pillow.

I took tiny monster with me to Macy's to try out some new king-size mattresses today. As I'm speaking with the salesperson and laying on the most expensive mattress in the store, Sabine starts pointing at the back of my shirt, yelling, "Poo, mama!" Horrified, I ignored her in hopes that she would be quiet, but feared that remnants of a potty training accident had ended up on my clothing. Turns out, it was only remnants of her chocolate chip muffin that I was rubbing all over the two-thousand-mattress set.

I have to start calling preschools today for little Sabine. I don't want her to be old enough to go to preschool. Ever. Nor do I want to participate in the winning-the-lottery-like process of trying to get into one of them.

Sabine's new, parrot-like speech habits make me realize I apologize far too often for everything and that I say "so cute" way more than necessary.

Sabine named her first doll today: Sue B. Sue. So cute.

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