Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lord of the Flies

Okay so yesterday I took tiny monster to music class. This kid loves music class. And by "class" I mean a big circle in an auditorium filled with hippie moms and their babies or toddlers sitting on yoga mats and singing along to hippie songs--led by a tiny woman, with a big voice, who plays in a local L.A. band. Everyone sings along and plays drums, tambourines or shakes maracas.

The minute we enter the auditorium, Sabine turns into a little groupie. She's in love with the tiny teacher/singer and sits on her lap, clutches her leg and copies every move she makes. It's almost embarrassing (especially coming from little miss independent).

So during this particular class, the teacher is singing one of Sabine's favorite songs about mother earth or something. It's a song with lots of hand motions. My tiny monster-turned-stalker is sitting across the very large circle from me next to or practically on top of the teacher. She's totally concentrating and all into it, trying not to miss a single hand movement, when the toddler who is sitting in a mom's lap next to her starts throwing a writhing-on-the-floor kind of tantrum for one reason or another. Sabine keeps looking over at her and is clearly irritated by the fact that she's interrupting the song and her concentration. Before I know it, my tiny monster/groupie/stalker stands up and puts her tiny purple Adidas sneaker on the side of the head of the toddler, who is on her side on the floor, with her cheek resting on the hardwood. Sabine looked like she was about to put pressure on the kid's skull with her foot to shut her up, kinda like what a gangster does to make someone talk. But luckily, I flew my almost seven months pregnant ass across the room before any damage could be done.

It was totally punk rock--at a peaceful, hippie song circle. I almost died. When did Sabine go all mobster on me? I told you, she takes her music very seriously.


Nancy said...

Dude, she's my girl. Makes me like her even more!

Laura Mauk said...

@Nancy, hahaha...she's insane!


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