Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Din Din a Go Go

Last night we hopped on over to Din Din a Go Go because I didn't feel like cooking. It's a weekly food truck fest in the parking lot where Figueroa meets York in Highland Park. It's become an event where hipsters, families and more than a few dog owners come to eat and look too cool.

The food trucks included Ahn-Joo, the popular Korean snack bar on wheels, Lomo Arigato, serving Peruvian-Japanese fusion, The Dim Sum Truck and the Filipino Tapa Boy. There was Vietnamese food, gourmet burgers and mac 'n cheese, waffles slathered in exotic ice cream flavors, vegan hot dogs, and even, a truck that sneakers.

Sabine got sliders atop Rosemary popcorn; I got a Vietnamese dish with tofu, peanuts, noodles and greens; and Kadin got a pork Bánh mì.

I wanted to stay and stare at all the fashion-wearing hipsters but I was freezing.

The food was quick, affordable and delicious. But the best part was the change of scenery, if only for a little while. We need to get out more.

via The East Sider LA


Nancy said...

I LOVE food trucks! My favorite one so far is Komodo. I've been wanting to try the lobster roll truck but there is always a huge line at any food truck fest.

Laura Mauk said...

@Nancy, we got there at 6 (runs from 5:30 to 9) and there were zero lines! I was seriously shocked.


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