Friday, February 24, 2012

The Perfect Day

Cuddles and kisses in my bed with husband, Sabine and Sesame Street.

Sunny morning and watching Sabine play at the park.

Surprise visit from close friend, who brings adorable gift and the sweetest card I've ever read.

Tacos (from La Estrella taco truck) and mangos for lunch.

A long afternoon nap by myself while Sabine is fast asleep in her crib.

Take Sabine outside to play with neighborhood kids right when the sunlight is quieting down and casting the most perfect golden glow that makes everything shine and life seem idyllic.

Drive to pick up dada from work while watching Sabine close her eyes and sing along to Prince in the backseat.

The yummiest and most fun sushi dinner with husband and Sabine.

Cake, "happy birthday to you," blowing out candles and opening presents while Sabine jumps up and down and smiles so much you would think it was her birthday.

A surprise knock at the door from our favorite neighbors bearing more gifts and cards.

More family cuddles and kisses in mama and dada's bed before story time and sleep.

It was kind of like a day like any other, my fortieth birthday. Lucky, lucky me. I am so grateful.

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Jennifer Ochoa said...

Happy Belated Birthday Laura! Your day sounds like heaven .. Cheers to more days like that!

Nancy said...

So divine! Glad to hear it was a great day!


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