Thursday, February 23, 2012

Good News

Whenever I write about being part of a mixed race or interracial family, it's usually detailing or exploring or discussing some negative experience or emotion. It's new to me and I never, ever thought twice about entering into my marriage or relationship or how others might perceive us--because I've never seen it as unusual or curious.

But today I thought I'd post something positive on the subject. It's a quick read. And a beautifully human, thoughtful and hopeful one, too.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

More Americans Say Interracial Marriage Is a Good Thing

. . .Why? Because a society that’s not just tolerant, but welcoming, of differences — differences between spouses, differences among children and parents, differences at work, at school and on the playground — is a society that’s easier for everyone to live in. Most of us will be in the minority at some point, whether it’s because of race, sex, gender or something else.
As we edge away from being a country that judges first and fast on physical characteristics alone, we become, I hope, a less judgmental culture overall. And less judgement could mean a lot of things for our children: less bullying, fewer assumptions about their interests and abilities based on their appearance and gender and less need to fit all the little round and square pegs into all the right holes.
I know, that’s a big leap to take from one report on intermarriages. We’re not yet a “post-racial” society. We’re not even “post” favoring-the-tall-over-the-short. But good news is good news, and good news about our inexplicable inclination, in these (mostly) post-tribal warfare times, to judge others based on the color of their skin is always welcome.
 *Click HERE to read the entire New York Times story (Style: Motherlode).

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