Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Mouthful

Last week, Sabine blew me away by adding the following words/phrases to her vocabulary (they are uttered in a voice that sounds a lot like someone from the lollipop guild, making them extra funny and adorable).

Oh ma gaw! (oh my god!)

Big meh! (big mess!)

Chopies (chonies: spanish for underwear)

I uh you, mama (I love you, mama)

Chopit (chocolate: she's obsessed with it)

Soppy (sorry: she's forced to apologize a lot because she's super naughty)

No, yayee! (no, lady!: she says this to the older women in the grocery story who coo at her, tell her how pretty she is or just try to say hello to her)

Yay, woohoo! (when she's happy/excited about something)

dan wit meh, dada (dance with me, dada)

Go way! (go away: which she tells me to do ALL the time. sweet, huh? time for preschool?)

Oh she's such a booger, but I can't get enough of her.

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