Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Eight is Enough

 Eight random mid-week thoughts because I'm too nauseous to be cohesive.

1 Why did they remake Footloose? Why? If it's not broken, don't fix it.

2 In addition to maternity leave, there should be pregnancy leave. Because this shit sucks.

3 If it weren't for Reed's Jamaican-style ginger beer, I think I might die.

4 When I put Sabine in her crib yesterday for her nap, she lay down, rolled over and said, "go, mama," as in leave. It's a brave new world.

5 A diet of pancakes and Top Ramen is not a good idea. But it's all my barfy self can handle these days.

6 I never thought I'd agree with Camille Grammer, but Kyle and Kim were undoubtedly high school mean girls on the last episode of RHOBH. I'm in a shame spiral over the fact that I watch this show. It makes me feel dirty.

7 My best friend had a baby yesterday--without an epidural. She does not recommend it. I'm going to go ahead and take her advice. P.S. I love drugs.

8 Our new apartment manager looks and talks just like my brother, who doesn't talk to any member of my family anymore. I endlessly chatted him up, over-shared, over-questioned and, I think, completely freaked him out and embarrassed myself. A subconscious, inappropriate and clumsy effort to reacquaint myself with a lost sibling--who he is not.

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Stephanie said...

How crazy was that last episode of RHOBH? What is wrong with those women? I hate that I watch it too.

Susanna said...

I've had the same question about Footloose for months now. I don't plan on seeing the new one but if everyone loved the old one so much, what is the point of making the same movie over again?

Charlotte M. said...

You can get even stronger Ginger beer for nausea at Galco's on York in Highland Park.

Laura Mauk said...

@Caharlotte, I adore Galco's and it's so close to us. I'd forgotten about it--thank you. And my husband loves the ginger beer you're talking about--it's super spicy and delicious.

Nancy said...

I know I should enjoy every stage that my baby goes through but I CANNOT wait for #4!!!!! Since we have been back from our trip, Olivia has been terrorizing our bed! She has been screaming bloody murder every time I put her in her crib. ARGH!!!!!

Laura Mauk said...

@Nancy, how old is Olivia? I can't remember. Sabine was the worst sleeper in the history of bad sleepers. Horrible. Awful. I wanted to put her back in my belly and hide. But once we sleep trained her--and I never caved, was super strict...would always go into her room and checked her if she cried and would talk to her or rub her back or lay next to her crib for a bit...but never picked her up. And now, she tells me to leave her room so she can sleep. I promise it will get better--but you have to be consistent. :)

Nancy said...

Olivia is now 16 mos. She was a best sleeper and after the trip, everything went kaput. When I sleep trained her at 4 months, we did CIO and it worked like a charm. Now I've tried that Sleep Lady SHuffle where I stay with her and comfort her but not pick her up, but I think my presence is too much for her so she screams even more, with her arms out stretched to me! I think I will try CIO again. When I started again this past week, of course she gets sick so lots of regression!

So did you use the Ferber method?

Laura Mauk said...

@Nancy, i don't know CIO. we did ferber when Sabine was 4.5 mos. but honestly, it didn't work because as you mentioned, when we went in and soothed, it just agitated her and seemingly made it worse. so we tried not going in and then she only cried for twenty minutes and fell asleep. i wouldn't recommend that for an older child though. i mean you could try...but if she doesn't settle down after twenty or minutes or so then it's prob not a good idea or not working.

sabine regressed maybe two or three times when we traveled or moved. when she was little and regressed, i soothed her or laid down with her till she fell asleep and then transferred her to her crib. if i did that, she didn't wake up again until morning. there was one time that she regressed and was about olivia's age...she would wake in the middle of the night crying for me...i went in and picked her up to make sure everything was okay and then i put her right back down and told her she needed to sleep in her own bed etc etc. she was still super upset so i just told her i would stay a little til she got tired and i laid on the floor next to her crib until she settled down and then i crawled out of her room. i did that for a few nights and then she was back to normal--sleeping in her own bed normal.

the other thing i did was spend lots and lots of time in her room. the entire bedtime routine was there. i played with her there a lot before bed--so it became a fun place again instead of somewhere she just slept alone. that seemed to really help.



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