Friday, April 13, 2012

Disjointed Friday

Do you watch Basketball Wives? When did it turn into the Jerry Springer show? Watching it makes me feel dirty.

I was so lazy and relaxed yesterday after my massage that I told Kadin I'd have sex with him if he cooked dinner (it was my night to do so).

Last night, we started reading Cat in the Hat to Sabine before bedtime. (Is that the longest, most rambling book in America or what? One shouldn't underestimate the value of a good editor.) Sabine told me to stop reading and then asked Kadin to turn off the light. Um, this never happens. Never.

Recently, we let tiny monster watch Tangled (the story of Rapunzel). She now completely freaks out anytime another woman tries to talk to her, clutches me like a wet kitten and says, "No, this my mama."

I wish I could see the Radiohead show everyone is talking about.

I'd rather be tarred and feathered than go to Coachella. I'm too old to concert camp, hike to a stage and rub shoulders with thousands of sweaty teenagers in cut-off jean shorts.

Sabine's new favorite song is Prince's I Would Die For You. God, I love her.

My cousin (a mother of four) is about to run the Boston Marathon. I'm exhausted and impressed just thinking about it. The only thing I've run for lately are tacos, cheesecake and the sofa.

I'm super excited to see the new Domino magazine.

I'm not super excited that bathing suit season is upon us. How long can one where a maternity swimsuit after having a baby? 

Even though I complain about my pregnancy aches and pains and joke about being an old lady, I'm immensely and wonderfully thankful that I'm able to be pregnant and carry this tiny human at all. I don't take it for granted for even one second.

TGIF. No, really. We finally have zero plans!

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Katherine said...

Cat in the Hat. Hate that book. It is so rambling. Every time my kids ask to read it, I cringe and will only commit to half a book.

Erika said...

The answer to the maternity bathing suit question is 15 years.


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