Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What's in a Name?

So now that we know this bun in my large oven is a girl, we can more seriously consider what to name her.

Baby Center just released (or-re-released) a list of the top 100 baby names of 2011. At the top of the boys' list is Aiden, Jackson, Mason and Liam. Ruling the girls' list for now is Sophia, Emma, Isabella and Olivia.

I like all of these. I do. But for some reason, I want something a little different--not too different, though. I mean, Blue IV or Blue Ivy (I could deal with Ivy Blue)? Really?

But hey, names are personal. Not everyone is going to like what you choose and you're not going to fall in love with what your friends might decide to name their children. You just have to pick something you love. And that hopefully your child will love, or grow to love, too.

Here's what we're thinking at the moment:

Esme Lady (Esme is French and means "to love." Lady is Kadin's mom's nickname.)
Loucette Lady (Loucette, a variation of Lucette, is also French and means "little light.")
Zadie Alice (We just like the name Zadie and Alice is a variation of Kadin's mom's name.)

We also like: Willa, Indra, Izola, Isla, Estee, Vida and Zola.

What do you like? Should a name have meaning or just be something you like? Do you prefer something different or more traditional?



latenac said...

I love Esme despite Lemony Snicket's use of it. I also like Zadie Alice just b/c you could end up with really cool initials. Like with your last name she'd be ZAM! Overall though I love old traditional names that seem new now b/c they haven't been used for so long.

Miss A said...

Esme: Twilight movie...
Loucette: Hum. Not a fan. At all. I don't like the way it sounds in french.
However, love Zadie, love Alice (better than Lady).
Zola is also such a great name.
Hum. You did a great job naming Sabine. Her name has elegance, individuality, it's timeless.
Don't know about giving kids weird grandparent's names (sorry Kadin and his mom, but Lady is not a great girl's name today...)

Leslie said...

I love all your names on your list!
I personally don't worry about associations of names with characters in movies - that rules out way too many names.
I like old traditional names (like my Charlotte) and unusual, but easy names, like the ones you picked.
No weird spellings or pronounciations, the kid will be burdened with her whole life.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, you guys, for weighing in on this. I love your honesty and feedback as we are really all over the map with this one (Sabine was a much easier decision!).

Miss A said...

Sorry it was late, I got carried away with brutal honesty. Not very elegant of me. I mean, I'm the chick who wants to name her kid Abraham (because my grandmother's name was Abraham...) You see. Lots of hug from a contrite me!

Laura Mauk said...

@MissA, no need to apologize, honesty is a good thing...xo

Nancy said...

I love Esme. Sounds like a stroll through Paris to me.

Brianna said...

Zadie is my fav! So cute!


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