Friday, January 20, 2012

This & That

I'm sitting in my car and eating a Milky Way while I type this post. It was the the only way I could escape Sabine to write. She's been crying and yelling, "come back" at the top of her lungs if I go anywhere without her. So recently, I bribed her into letting me go by telling her I'd bring her back a cake pop. Now when I say I have to go somewhere, she says, "Otay. Bye Mama. Bring cake pop." It's comforting to know how easily she'll trade in her mama for cake on a stick.

I've been wondering, can you get breast or stomach cancer for resting your laptop on your chest or belly too often?

What if everyone just boycotted the Kardashians? I mean, do they really need more money? And they're nice to look at, but are they really THAT interesting?

Lately, when people approach Sabine on the sidewalk or in the grocery store and go on and on about how cute she is, she furrows her brow, hits their hand or arm and says, "no, go way! get back!" I'm slightly horrified but happy she's so expressive when she's uncomfortable.

I don't think Beverly from Top Chef deserved to go home the other night.

Kadin helps Sabine get dressed for bedtime each night. The past two evenings, she has slept in her bathing suit. She almost always wins with him.

I recently started putting tiny monster in timeouts. Yesterday, she stabbed her cousin with a huge stick and then walked into a bedroom and shut the door, putting herself in a timeout.

I often feel like if I see one more kids' movie or television show, I will poke my eyes out. But I will never ever tire of watching the Jack Black episode of Yo Gabba Gabba: New Friends.

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Miss A said...

She stabbed her cousin then proceeded to put herself in a timeout?!

Love her (hope the cousin is okay) but how fucking cool is she!

Have a good week-end!


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