Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Limited Vocabulary

Sabine's most favorite words/responses these days:
no, mama
no, dada
no way!
uh, uh
go away, mama
shoot! (which sounds a lot like "shit")
aw, man
no, me!
no share

For Thanksgiving, we went to my dad's house in Palm Springs. When it was time to sit at the table, Sabine said, "no way," to her plate of food and then kicked, hollered and wiggled until I finally let her loose. About an hour later, I found her standing barefoot in the kitchen gnawing on a turkey leg that was practically as big as her head.

She's two years and three months--and horribly disagreeable and uncivilized. I'd lose my mind or pull my hair out if she weren't so stinkin' funny.

via The Pursuit Aesthetic


Cary said...

Oh lord I remember my niece passing through that phase. Thank god she was so cute and smart other wise she would have been unbearable. I particularly remember the following conversation
Me: would you like a cheese sandwich for lunch?
Her: No. Me no like cheese.
Me: Really well what do you like?
Her: cheese
Once handed the cheese sandwich she rejected the bread and only ate the cheese. Talk about exasperating.

Miss A said...

Hum. I just love how kids have no filter. I know you have to teach it to them because it quickly goes from cute to rude, but maybe you can record some of those for her to look at later.
My friend (vocally) recorded her kid for twenty years and for his 21st birthday, it made the most moving gift ever.
Anyway. How's baby #2?

Laura Mauk said...

@Cary, oh man, it is SO exasperating. it's how you described all day every day. And Sabine, too, seriously has a love affair with cheese and almost nothing else. Argh.

Laura Mauk said...

@MissA, baby #2 s great now. no more sickness! i'm seriously a million times better...and he/she looks healthy so far. xo.


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