Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Here's What...

 ...I'm thankful for...

Sabine (and that Sabine has been sleeping until 7:30-8:00 a.m.).


That one of us is employed and that we have a roof over our heads.

The growing bebe in my belly.

The many, many trees here in Pasadena and how their fallen leaves turn the sidewalks a brilliant gold.

My sisters and my pops.

My health.

That I'm able to stay home with little Sabine each day.


Memories of my mom.

Being able to write.


Sparkly Christmas trees.


Cafe mornings with Sabine.

Conversations with Kadin.

Stories and books.

The ocean.

My time in New York City.

French berry sparkling lemonade.

Blow Pops.

That Kadin likes to cook and doesn't care that I don't.

Airplanes, trains and cars that can take me places.


Leggings and the color black.

Hydrangeas, peonies, lavender and rosemary.

That the first trimester is over.

Champagne and Hefeweizen.


Happy Thanksgiving. Gobble, gobble.

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