Monday, November 18, 2013


This face. She's everything.

Remember when things were so bright, beautiful and new that you didn't want to go to sleep, not even for one second? You'd fight to keep your eyes open so that you wouldn't miss a single color, moment, feeling, adventure or tiny slice of life. You were right on the edge of a first something all the time. And no matter how heavy your eyelids felt, you fought as hard as you could to keep them open. 

And then one day, you stopped fighting so hard because you'd seen a lot and things weren't as bright or new anymore. Some days, you couldn't wait to close your eyes.

Zadie is a fighter. And on this day, she lost. But I won like I win every day with her. Because I get to watch her fight to stay awake for everything that's old to me. It's new to her and is new to me again because of her. 

Lucky me.


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