Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pillowcases, Not Blankets

Dear Sabine,

You are in love with pillowcases. You take them off of every pillow in the house no matter how many times I put them back on. You use them as blankets to sleep with. You wrap your dolls in them, calling them baby blankets. You put them on your head and play Little Red Riding Hood. And when you wake up each morning, you come downstairs or in my room with a pillowcase on your head, appearing like a nun or a some sort of peasant bride. You even sleep with these pillowcases wrapped around your head. It's really so silly and sweet and quirky that it makes me love you more than I already do.


Miss A said...

Oh Sabine! How I understand you. They're just so soft and perfectly sized.
Glad that you seem to be back. I had missed your soothing posts.
And yeah, I'm married. Long story, happy endings.

Angella said...

She is so beautiful. What a precious photograph.


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