Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mixed Bag of Thoughts

Zadie, if you don't take longer naps, how will I ever miss you and have that I-can't-wait-to-see-you feeling? It's a really good feeling, I promise. So if you ever want to feel it, you should take longer naps.

I made paper crowns--decorated with glitter and fairy stickers--today with Sabine. About twenty seconds after putting hers on and running to see it in the mirror, I heard a terrible ripping sound and "I don wan it." So much for arts and crafts with tiny monster.

Yesterday, Sabine asked: "Mama, please I hold a baby crocodile."

Then, when I plucked her from her bed the other morning, she said, "Last night, I closed my eyes and tried and tried to change colors but it didn't work." I asked what color she wanted to be and she said, "pink."

And a few weeks ago Sabine saw a huge batch of mashed potato-like cumulus clouds atop the craggy San Gabriel mountains and asked, "Mama, please I go touch those clouds?" I told her when she gets a little bigger and I get a little richer, we can take a hot air balloon ride. I've actually taken one and it's pretty amazing. I'll just have to keep her from leaping out of the basket.

Oh Zadie, I feel your first tooth poking through in the bottom right side of your gums. And you're not even fussy. Please don't grow any more teeth because I am simply not ready to lose that gummy ear-to-ear grin you shower me with every time I walk into the room or smile at you. When you do that, it's kind of the best feeling in the world. You sure know how to make a mama feel loved.


Miss A said...

She's absolutely beautiful! What a kind and sweet face, and those eyes! She looks so much like you! Oh, I'm very happy for you. very very very! Hugs and love all around.

Clay and Jenn Ochoa said...

Beautiful, Laura! I love how you show patience, focus and love in one fail swoop.


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