Friday, December 2, 2011

Charlie Brown Christmas

No, this is not our Christmas tree. It's a sad shrub outside of our tenement-like apartment building. Our slumlord likes to put a smattering of Christmas lights--only some of which actually work--on said shrubs to try and mask the fact that she otherwise puts zero dollars into the practically falling down joint. I've lived in some shady places--NYC's lower east side and Williamsburg, Brooklyn, before they were gentrified, and San Francisco's The Haight and Western Addition. And never before have I had to deal with a bigger, more greedy and lazy asshole as this landlord. And we live in South Pasadena, otherwise known as the promised land (think Mayberry, Wisteria Lane or The Truman Show). WTF?

1 comment:

kelli case anderson said...

great writing, this is so funny. we've been troubled out here with crazy winds as well!


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