Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Duck Pond

The duck pond is one of Sabine's favorite places. It's where I go in the spring and summer a lot with Zadie while Sabine is in preschool. I thought she'd think it was boring or not exciting enough since she loves fast and bright things. I hope she'll always appreciate simple adventures, too--ones that let her wade in streams, climb trees, count clouds and roll in the grass. I hope that stuff never gets old. I wish she wouldn't either. 

When I say to Sabine that I wish she would stop growing, she asks me why and tells me she has to so she can be a mommy like me. She doesn't know that growing up and older means fewer years with the people she loves. She's running toward mid-life without knowing what it is. I'm wishing that mid-life were in slow motion in an effort to have as much time with her, Zadie and Kadin as possible. And no matter how many times I tell her not to rush or not to wish she was anywhere other than in this moment, she begs for her future to come.

I hope someday she sees this photo and realizes how beautiful her beginning was. Then, and only then, will she understand why I wanted her to stay small.

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Dani Campoy said...

You are great!!

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