Monday, August 5, 2013

School's Out

I never knew then what I know now: This first little preschool--a co-op--for Sabine would be the most practically perfect environment I could send her into without me.
 I cried the first day. She didn't. She hit Isaac with a baseball bat the first week. I was horrified. She couldn't wait to go every day. I missed her terribly every day. After eight months, she had ten new best friends. She new how to share. She stopped hitting other kids with blunt objects. I was relieved.
She had a new and safe little home away from home that came with the most patient, kind, smart and thoughtful teacher, who I couldn't have dreamed up myself out of my own dented and cynical mind. 
I love that first little school in California. My eyes are closed and I'm wishing with gritted teeth that the new one in Baltimore is just as perfectly sweet.

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