Monday, March 5, 2012

Miranda Kerr

Cool mama: I love her style.

via Upscale Hype

via ldvfashionfix


Nancy said...

I want to know where the diaper bags are in these celebrities with their babies pictures!!!

Miss A said...

Ugh. Great style, but she rubs me the wrong way. Don't like the sneakers either.
You know whose mommy style I love:
Nicole Richie
Jen Garner (i just around love her)
Pink (badass mama!)

Laura Mauk said...

@Nancy, diaper bag is being carried by one of her two nannies, who are not pictured here but are in other photos from this day/series. can you imagine having a nanny when you are WITH your child? "Oh excuse me, could you hold her while I eat my lunch and do a little shopping? Thanks!"

Laura Mauk said...

@Miss A, I LOVE Nicole Ritchie's style, too. I'm a sucker for the seventies/hippie/bohemian stuff!


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